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Hi, Welcome to Monkey and a Princess. My name is Melanie and I'm a homeschooling mom to 3 living in Mesquite, TX. I love to create be that through photography, crocheting, or designing an image on the computer. It is my outlet and helps me relax.

I started photography probably the same way most mom photographers do as a momarazzi chasing my kids around parks, along sidelines, and through milestones. I got my first Dslr in 2009 and have been snapping photos ever since. My favorite photography is action photography, there is nothing better than snapping the shot of someone bringing their opponent to the ground or getting to the base a split second before the ball.

I began making vinyl shirts and home decor in 2011. First just for myself and then for our football team making team spirit shirts, helmet decals, and end of year gifts. I love to create an image on my computer and watch it come to life on different mediums.

Crocheting is my newest love. I began crocheting in 2016. It is something I've been interested in learning for a long time, over a decade, but I finally found the time to sit down and learn (and am still learning) the stitches. There is a definite amazement at watching a project come together.